Andrew Diehl – Interior Specialist

Welcome to the Brandonbilt Motorsport’s team spotlight. Today we feature Interior Specialist Andrew Diehl. Andrew is 22 years old and calls Leonardtown, Maryland his home. Andrew was pursing a career in competitive soccer before a knee injury changed his plans. Andrew loves the competitive atmosphere so it was a natural fit for him to pursue a career in racing. Andrew joined our team almost immediately after graduating from the NASCAR Technical Institute in Charlotte, NC in November 2018. Andrew is our interior specialist responsible for making sure all the windows are installed properly and making sure the number of air vents are installed based on the type of track we are racing (short track, superspeedway, etc). He also assists in making sure the engine, drive train and gears are installed to specifications. A fair amount of good natured ribbing goes on here and Andrews crew mates have voted him “most likely to strip a bolt”. After all, we are like family here at Brandonbilt Motorsports.