Welcome to Brandonbilt Motorsports Team Spotlight. Today we feature Collin Fern, our team’s jack of many trades, but we call him our Statistical Analyst. On race day Collin can be found on our pit box collaborating on strategy to set up the #86 for track position and maximum points. When not on the pit box, he will be found discussing everything NASCAR with other teams and drivers. In the shop, Collin is responsible for keeping track of motors, carburetors, brake parts and scheduling motor re-builds. He also drives to Charlotte weekly for whatever equipment we may need for upcoming races.

Collin was born and raised in Norwich, NY. He developed his love for NASCAR, starting as a toddler, through his grandmother Cheryl and her partner Kevin. He went to Coastal Carolina University where he struck up a friendship with Brandon and started part-time with our team in 2016. He went full time in December 2018. In his very limited spare time, Collin enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, cheering on the Minnesota Twins and Philadelphia Eagles (he cannot stand to see them lose), as well as iRacing. You should see him get excited when he beats Brandon.